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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 4, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> kathleen ping was one of seven people killed. she got the jobless than a year ago and the school's 24-year-old administrative assistant and believed to have been taken by goh when he didn't find his intended target. witnesses say they heard ping scream "jesus christ" from her office several times before they heard the gunshots. police say goh then moved on to other classrooms and continued firing. now, the intended target has been a nurse for more than 30 years and according to her family friend had been at the university one year. in piedmont nick smith abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. and the man arrested for those shootings told investigators he did it according to police but it was a different story when appearing in court today. the 42-year-old one goh charged with several counts of murder with special circumstances and three counts of attempted murder.
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vic lee joins with us the court appearance. >> one goh has apparently been talking his head off but today listened and n.court as the judge read names of the victims one by one. 43-year-old one goh's body shielded from the public, he showed no emotion. the judge read charges against him. after the brief court hearing the district attorney told reporters the murders were brutal and vicious. >> the scope of the murderous rampage is unprecedented here in alameda county. the defendant went to the school with a 45 caliber weapon. and he also had four fully-loaded magazines of ammunition. >> goh apparently upset and left in november with his tuition fully paid. >> there is some information that this defendant wanted
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money back. >> there is now an explanation of yes left after the shooting. >> our indication sthae just left and was not able to continue the pattern because some people had left the building already and they were calls being made to 911. we know an officer was around the corner and contacted by someone about something happening at the building soy suspect he knew that we're on our way. and he just left. >> the chief says he is cooperating with investigators though he doesn't appear to be remorseful. his motive appears to be revenge. police say he was angry at a school administrator whom he believed has wronged him. police say he had a grudge for teasing him. and he had a history of financial problems when he lived in virginia prior to moving here. he was in debt but has no criminal record. we learned goh's last job
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before enrolling at oikos university was here in daily city. he worked with his father. store management declined to comment. goh worked at a food warehouse wholesale. >> and district attorney o mally said today that authorities believe one goh. >> and and dive teams assigned a gun used in this mass murder, strong gusts in the oakland estuary made it impossible to search today. a sonar device on a sheriff's department boat got a reading and marked location. at oikos university investigators brought in equipment, in this case, entrance to the college, one body was found. one of the first officers to
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arrive monday described the frightening scene. >> this is very quiet, everyone was hiding and being very scared. you can feel it. >> and investigators will keep the scene at oikos university intact until they have finished their work. >> let's move to hayward now. there is a vigil there tonight. what do you see there? >> there are a lot of flowers coming into the church. and lidia sims' family is meeting with their pastor to go over the memorial service. administrators from the university as well as some of her classmates are expected to attend the service here at hayward baptist church. and yesterday we brought you pictures and thoughts from her brother, daniel, other family who's lost loved ones have
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about too distraught to talk until today. tim brown's fiancee is 53-year-old judith seymor, mother two of children in their 20s. pim says judy was catholic, committed to her faith and dedicated to her children camilla and brian. >> she did everything for them. every decision she made in life and every course she took, the first consideration was her children. >> tim says due to his already proving to be an excellent nurse because she naturally cares for others and like many of the victims was looking forward to graduating in june. and beginning a new chapter in her life. judith seymor born in guyana her body will be buried next to her grand mother. the memorial service for lidia sim begins here at 8:00 tonight.
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>> and we're learning about three shooting victims who were wounded and survived. a 19-year-old spoke to us just hours after the shooting. and at highland hospital she was treated and released. she suffered a gunshot wound to the right arm. two other victims were named as well. and those killed are a 21-year-old lidia sim, kathleen ping, 40-year-old doris chubuko and judith seymor. >> stay with us for continuing updates and developments on this shooting story. and coming up, equipment being used.
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>> new problems in europe continue to trend today on wall street. stocks fell on news spain is having problems selling bonds to pay off debt. the dow lost almost 1%. and the tech-heavy nasdaq gave back 45 points and s and p 500 down 14.5 today. >> the president signed into law a bill that would stop lawmakers from providing insider trading talking about the stop trading on congressional knowledge act. it's designed to prevent lawmakers from financially profiting from nonpublic information they learn on the job. >> this snogs that there is a rule for them selfs and another set for everybody else, we expect that to apply to our
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biggest corporations. it should apply to our elected officials. >> and will require lawmakers to disclose more information about stock trades. >> coming up, women have come a long way. >> and there is a mission his father first put into affect. >> she held on to this and the wind kept taking him. she hung on to him. >> a texas woman's quick thinking during a tornado and a tub that saved lives of children under her care. >> and cold, frosty tonight but that is prompting an advisory. where, how low temperatures will go coming up. the news continues in one minute.
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the dallas area begins to clean up following a devastating wave the tornadoes. there are no reported deaths but storms injured at least 20 people. sheri was baby-sitting three small children including her grandson. >> i grabbed him where a comforter and went and got into the bathtub. just sit in there until it got over. >> her home collapsed around her and she was found holding her grandson in the bathtub which had blown into the area where the garage once stood. the wind snatched two children, she did find one of them in the backyard another pulled from the rubble. both of them escaped serious injuries. officials believe as many as 13 tornadoes hit northern texas yesterday. >> incredible. seven people injured on a united airlines flight are expected to be okay. five passengers and two flight attendants taken to the hospital after a plane made an
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emergency landing this morning. the plane on wait from tampa when it hit severe turbulence over louisiana, officials hot certain whether it was caused by the same storm that spawned yesterday's tornadoes in tex. >> doctors should be on the lookout for another counterfeit version of the best-selling cancer drug evastan saying fake vials are being distributed under a turkish brown altizon. fda officials say a pharmaceutical company called richard farma is selling this counterfeit, the second time a fake batch turned up in the united states. >> tonight the only state agency created to promote welfare and interests of women is in trouble. >> there is only enough money to go for another week or so of operations. there is nannette miranda with the story. >> california commission on
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status of women provides a voice to 19 million women and girls, more than half of the population. >> many feel this is a sad day because of cuts, state's commission on status of women is packing up and closing doors after high pressure years of fighting for gender equity. maybe the recent election of actress geena davis to head the agency could bring it back to live one day, for nous now it runs out of money without mission fulfilled. >> women have come a long way certainly since 1965. but have not achieved full equality. >> the commission's own report found california women still earn less than men, making 8 cents to the dollar. only 28% of the legislature are women, only one fortune 500 company in california has a woman ceo. >> if no one is there to take a look and be aware of this
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and say if you do that, women will be harmed then yes, i am concerned. >> jerry brown's father established this commission, now skbrery proposes to no longer fund it. it costs less than half a million per year to run. the governor is on a mission to consolidate and reduce government. >> there is different now they're going make sure state continues to do what it needs to do. >> the caucus points out state government has been hard on women, welfare grants slashed, and there are fewer slots for subsidized child care and domestic violence shelters lost much of the funding. >> what we've been doing is cutting services sempbing women and children in this state. so this not the time to eliminate the status of the women. but it's precarious.
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>> and in a last-ditch effort, designating april 11th as call in day, hoping so many californians call into the governor's office that brown finds money to save the agency. >> thank you. >> some of california's wealthyest counties among to be the healthiest. five are right here in the bay area that is according to a new study. topping the list is marin county, santa clara, san mateo and santa cruz. and the report is based on a variety of factors but officials say wealthier people are more likely to live in safer neighborhood was access to better nutrition and do not smoke. >> there is a new warning out tonight about salmonella. >> this time in a popular japanese food. >> this is really spreading.
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investigators investigating an outbreak to salmonella that may be linked to sushi. so far affecting 90 consumers in 19 states mostly on eastern seaboard and there is no california cases have been reported yesterday yet, investigators expect spicy tuna rolls are the source. symptoms are stomach cramps and fear within three days of eegt contaminated food. federal government warning about a loan modification scheme that not for home mortgage buzz auto loans. the ftc file charges against two companies claiming they'll reduce auto loan payments saying they took hundreds of dollars from consumers and one customer lost her car as a result. there is one company tells us charnlz are false and
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customers get refunds if loans can'ting modified. the government has cracked down on companies making phony promises to modify home loans. if you hadn't had a vacation in a while what are you waiting for? a survey says half of all american workers don't take all vacation days. this is from radisson hotel chain. and says workers want to stay on the job because they're worried about falling behind and says more workers are mixing business with pleasure taking family along on business trips. >> so you're encouraging to us take vacation time? >> we have that. >> i think we've got to talk to our bosses about that, first, though. >> there gou. >> and let's turn our attention to wernl forecast. >> things are going to get
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chilly. >> is gos to get cold tonight that you'll want to try to stay warm. there is a frost advisory up. there is a live picture now with trees blowing there. it's breezy and cool as well. here is a live picture now there our camera. there are is build up and isolated showers. looking at live doppler 7 hd, what we're picking up here is not much and there are a couple blips there. there are showers showing up. temperatures knew into 50s and 60s. looking at winds, gusting to 49 miles per hour and oakland. sfo gusting to 48 we have 30 miles per hour winds around novato. and and it's cool and breezy
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out there. cool tonight valley frost. warmer pattern setting up saturday through monday. not a dry pattern i'll tell you about rain possibility in just a moment here, frost advisory for another bay is 3:00 a.m. to 8:00 m 58 km tomorrow. there is make sure you protect your plants that may be damaged due to freezing cold conditions expected. 33 in santa rosa. 35 degrees for new livermore, 34 fairfield. these are the coldest loxz. upper 30s san jose. low 40s expected near the coast, and around the bay. here is the front that brought us rain yesterday. here is a trough. there is a cool pool of air so we'll go with a breezy, cool afternoon for your thursday and there is mainly around
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napa county mountains we'll keep showers in the forecast for tomorrow afternoon. snow into sierra nevada. highs tomorrow below normal, breezy out there. 55 in half moon bay. showers could develop into napa county mountains. and 61 degrees and a mostly sunny afternoon. 60 degrees in san jose. temperatures not where you should be for this time of the year and around the bay breezy as well. 56 in monterey. 59 in morgan hill, here is the accu-weather forecast. you notice cool and breezy conditions thursday, notice numbers heading up, it's warmer friday and saturday is near 70 degrees inland.
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there are mild conditions and bringing in a possibility of some lane on sunday and keel keep mild temperatures mob and a chance of rain tuesday and wednesday, cooler weather, sharon, -- cheryl, dan, thursday looks wet so. we're not done with rain just yet. that easter sunday chance of rain, one computer model is bullish in bringing wet weather in. >> but not a wash out. >> no. easter egg hunts may be affected. >> april showers? >> right. >> may flowers. >> good call, thank you very much. >> and still ahead, well we have new information on whitney houston's death, what was found on a spoon in her hotel room. notices in mailboxes that are not from the government. michael finney with advice that can save small business owners real money.
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whitney houston's autopsy reveals the police found white powdery substances in the hotel room where she died. the coroner ruled she drowned in a bathtub. police discovered a spoon covered with a fine white residue in her room. reports indicated that houston had cocaine in her system so of course that is now the suspicion of what that powdery substance is. the coroner ruled heart disease and cocaine contributed to her death and researchers at uc berkeley say
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african americans are creating internet content at a higher rate than whites and hispanics saying blacks are less likely to afford lap tops and computers but shows once connected they blog nearly twice the rate of whites. 40,000 americans were surveyed and findings published in information communications and society journal. the authors warn this does not mean digital divide is over. >> stay with us. coming up next, you know there is nothing squirrelly about this experiment. >> how this rodent is being used to learn about a slithering reptile. -dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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at 6:00 why oikos
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university is also on the radar of state regulators and what this could mean for students there. and uncertain future of an east bay marijuana school z why backers believe it's no accident that the university was targeted by the feds and this back to dan and cheryl. >> thank you. >> and list dwron this. scientists are using robo squirrels to help understand interaction between rattlesnakes and ground squirrel autos they know from lab work squirrels signal to snakes with tail flagging and heat from the tail. >> you can see it going there. there is a the squirrel failing to attract the snake, huh? >> and it strikes at the head, look at that. and


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